The Trap

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Peter Mack returns to the streets of Los Angeles with an interwoven tale of the tragic consequences made by the choice of one recently released convict. Told in four separate narratives, four lives meet in a deadly conclusion, forcing hard decisions for the survivors.

Sarah's Dream

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Peter Mack, 2015 PEN American Center book prize winner, celebrates his 20th novel with the release Sarah's Dream. This novel, like his two most recent releases, Brenda: Barely Legal, and Applebottoms & CREAM represent "foundation" novels for sharing the history of the characters, families and cameos readers have come to love and want more of.

Cop & Blow

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A crooked cop's loot is stolen. He'd just killed for the millions in drugs and money that belongs to Brock James. Clazo returns to rescue his crackhead uncle from a sure killing by the dirty pig.The trick is to avoid being sent back to prison by his lustful, blackmailing parole officer in the process. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend is fucking the crooked cop and seeks to make a deal for herself. Many gotta die. Only two people can win.



Powder: The Trial of Ayana Cherry

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Love can be conditional. Loyalty must be absolute. Both come at a price. Ayana's world is torn apart when her fiancé is murdered and she's made a person of interest in the death of..

‘Mack is a trendsetting novelist who restores respect and love to the art of creative fiction’

--Marilyn, New Writer Times