Sarah's Dream

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Peter Mack, 2015 PEN American Center book prize winner, celebrates his 20th novel with the release Sarah's Dream. This novel, like his two most recent releases, Brenda: Barely Legal, and Applebottoms & CREAM represent "foundation" novels for sharing the history of the characters, families and cameos readers have come to love and want more of.

Cop & Blow

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A crooked cop's loot is stolen. He'd just killed for the millions in drugs and money that belongs to Brock James. Clazo returns to rescue his crackhead uncle from a sure killing by the dirty pig.The trick is to avoid being sent back to prison by his lustful, blackmailing parole officer in the process. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend is fucking the crooked cop and seeks to make a deal for herself. Many gotta die. Only two people can win.



Powder: The Trial of Ayana Cherry

**** Coming Soon****

Love can be conditional. Loyalty must be absolute. Both come at a price. Ayana's world is torn apart when her fiancé is murdered and she's made a person of interest in the death of..

‘Mack is a trendsetting novelist who restores respect and love to the art of creative fiction’

--Marilyn, New Writer Times